5 simple ways to make your kitchen a Sadhana Kitchen

Sadhana kitchen

As we explored in previous post, Sadhana kitchen, is the space where you prepare the delicious food that will keep you and your family healthier. Down below I added few tips that have worked for me. I hope it works for you too.

Here 5 simple ways to make your kitchen a Sadhana kitchen !!!

1Lighten your load, you will be very happy and surprise at the lightness you will experience from clearing your cabinets, hidden shelves and drawers in your kitchen. If you don’t want to get rid of “the stuff”, just storage it for at least six months and if after this time you don’t use …well loose it !!

2Bring to your kitchen tools made of natural materials, the utensils you use for cooking lend different energies (toxins) to the food. Use utensils made of materials like wool, stone, bamboo, leaves, straws and clay. Also, a quality enamel and heavy stainless-steel pots and pans, a ceramic grater for your garlic and ginger, a suribachi (mortar and pestle) for your herbs /seeds and some wooden and/or clay bowls, stainless-steel and wooden ladles..

3Trigger some delicious memories, I love the smell and sound of toasted cumin seeds as I grind them with the mortar and peddle !!! make this space yours. Bring the abundance of nature to your kitchen by having some dried and fresh herbs. For me, having an aloe vera plant in my kitchen reminds me of my grandmother. She always had this beautiful plant in her kitchen. Love it !

4Keep your grains, teas, seeds, twigs and barks in glass jars and display them in your kitchen. Keeps them away from the heat of the stove. Believe me, it will be much easier to find them, when you need them !!

5Create a cozy space for your family and friends. Wouldn’t be nice to have a corner with a comfy loveseat, cushions and throws to cuddle up with your kids or loved one and enjoy a cup of ginger tea?…especially during these cold months….What do you think?

Now, create and love your own Sadhana Kitchen!!