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YogaAyurveda, and Manual osteopathy provide us with the guidelines, to follow a path of self-awareness, and regain homeostasis (balance) at all levels.


Positive encouragement and support are proven to manifest as a suitable environment for success based on empowerment and self-knowledge.


We are the thoughts we host in our minds, the food we consume, the decisions we make, and the relationships we choose to have with others and the environment. Then, our environment becomes the space where we thrive and remain in balance.


Once Self-awareness is awakened. It is vital to maintain it with home practices that support a daily routine of skillful action, nutrition, and empowerment.

My Yoga At Home

Living One Breath At A Time

My Yoga At Home is a wellness hub for the whole family.
In this space, you and your family will be comfortable to rediscover inner strength without any judgments.

My Yoga At Home promotes Wellness and health by offering non-invasive “hands-on” therapies based on the philosophy of treating the body as a whole.

Our services include specialized Classical Hatha Yoga classes, Ayurveda, and Manual osteopathy treatments for the whole family. These therapies will reduce pain, improve mobility, increase stamina, and confidence to support you on your way to a healthier you!

Our Services

Your unique journey to wellness starts here

Our Yoga classes are taught in private groups or individualized online and face-to-face classes for a more positive and enjoyable experience.
Some of our students find that one-on-one classes adapt to their lifestyle and approach to learning.


Supporting you on your path to health, strength, flexibility, and equanimity in your life. Manual Osteopathy offers therapeutic techniques to improve your flexibility, strength, and mobility.


Ayurveda offers valuable elements for all aspects of your life. It is an intuitive system based on self-knowledge with the purpose of empowering the practitioner to take reins of his own health in an integral way.

Your Inner world

Our workshops offer tools for empowerment and inner knowledge to drive a movement towards conscious transformation.


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