Supta baddhakoṇāsana : More loving space for your unborn baby

This is by far the best āsana forone of the kapha stage in your life. Yes, pregnancy, as well as childhood, are the kapha stages of your life. New tissues and bones are growing up and developing ! Also, during pregnancy, you probably will experience intense emotions of love and patience, which are typical characteristics of the Kapha constitution.

Supta Baddhakonasa-Yoga Pose

Supta baddhakoṇāsana promotes the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in your hips.
It counteracts the heaviness that you might be experiencing in your body and mind. The support in the lower back, hips and chest area allow you to breathe easily and creates a horizontal space, so much needed for you growing baby.

The props you will need to practice this asana are ; two blocks, one bolster, two blankets and a head wrap for your eyes. Wear Comfy and warm clothes. Keep extra blocks and blankets handy.



Set up

Set up

Here the main points to take into consideration when practicing Supta baddhakoṇāsana.

1. Sit comfortably on the floor in baddhakoṇāsana (bottom of the feet together)

2. Before reclining, use your arms to gently lift the pelvis of the floor and tuck your tailbone in to protect your lower back.

3. Recline paying attention to your neck. If it feels uncomfortable, place a blanket under your head.

4. To support your hips, place one rolled blanket under each leg.

5. Have the head wraps handy and place it on your eyes. (optional)

Supta baddhakoṇāsana is a restorative āsana, You should feel comfortable during its practice and very rested afterwards.