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I enjoy every single minute of my daily practice

I love being a life-long Yoga student and I treasure each teaching moment because when I step on the mat to practice with my family, friends, students and neighbors, I realized they are my greatest teachers!

What people are saying about My Yoga at Home Studio

J’adore “My Yoga at Home” parce que les cours sont thérapeutiques et toujours adaptés à mon état physique. L’atmosphère est relaxante et chaleureuse!
Sandra D.
I have been doing yoga on and off for 15 years. I always come back to it because its more than just exercise for me. I had back surgery 5 years ago, so I really understood what yoga can do for you when you all of a sudden become limited in your mobility – you can always adjust your practice when your body might be more limited. I still struggle with flexibility with my back muscles so instead of just doing my practice at home without guidance I decided to join a class to gain more knowledge in some of the poses. Since joining Claudia’s class this summer she has given me more confidence in my practice by showing me how I can adjust the poses for my back issues and still achieve balance in my workout. I am sleeping better, feeling better and eating better. I have had a lot of fun in this class and recommend it to anyone looking to try yoga or looking to come back to yoga.”

Я начала заниматься йогой пол года назад,очень довольна занятиями,так как Клавдия всегда старается подстроить урок под состояние занимающихся,учитывая личные потребности и физическое состояние человека. После занятия я чувствую себя эмоционально и физически уравновешенной и несмотря на физическую нагрузку мой организм отдыхает и заряжается положительной энергией. Всем друзьям я могу порекомендовать занятия йогой с Клавдией и уверена что даже после первого занятия будет чувствоваться разница.
Veronica Z.
I thoroughly enjoy these yoga classes. My flexibility and strength have improved dramatically since starting 8 months ago. During the cool down at the end of class I feel so relaxed that I literally fall asleep. I highly recommend taking this course.
Thank you so much for helping me introduce yoga into my daughter’s life. Claudia is excellent with the kids and is always coming up with new ideas and stories to keep the kids engaged. My daughter and I look forward to the class each week. The small class size works well with the kids and results in a more personalized experience. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and sharing your yoga practice with us. It has been great getting to know you and Arianna.
Stacey & Brooklyn
I LOVED my prenatal yoga class with Claudia from My Yoga at Home. I told her I was experiencing very sore shoulders and she did a lot of exercises and stretching to help me loosen up those muscles; I always felt much better for several days after taking her class.
Stephanie A.