What is Ayurveda? What’s a Sadhana kitchen?

Ayurveda and Sadhana kitchen?

What is Ayurveda? what’s a Sadhana kitchen? and how it relates to My yoga practice?
Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu Medicine system. This word is formed by two sanskrit words ; ayu means life and Veda means the knowledge of. “The knowledge of Life” Its main purpose is to provide guidance in terms of nutrition and daily routines to people seeking either stay healthy or improve their health. Also, Ayurveda empowers its practitioners through self-referral, helping them understand how their own body and mind function.

Ayurveda explains the benefits of practicing asanas (yoga) as part of a healthy daily routine, as well as, the preparation of healthy foods. The place where the preparation of foods happens is called Sadhana Kitchen. A sadhana kitchen and the place of yoga practice have their similarities. According to this tradition, these places should be clean, organized, decluttered and inspirational to allow you to be creative and explore the asanas (poses), the tastes and foods that keep you strong, healthy and happy.

Ayurveda is based on your body’s constitution or bio-elements: Vata, pitta and Kapha. These elements are responsible to maintain the body’s homeostasis and they constantly change with day or night and mainly with food.  Understanding these principles helps to determine which one of these elements (dosas) is more predominant in your constitution and which is  fluctuating in each given moment.

An insightful Ayurvedic health practitioner can accurately help you to determine your constitution and that of your family. Knowing that, will allow you to choose healthier and more enjoyable food options. Also, in terms of Asana practice, knowing your ayurvedic constitution, will help you establish a yoga practice according to your individual needs.