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Low-ratio private groups

My Yoga At Home / Yoga Classes

My Yoga At Home classes are taught in low-ratio private groups for a more positive and enjoyable experience.

Some of my students find that one-on-one classes better fit their lifestyle and approach to learning.

Hatha Yoga Level I

Each session starts and ends with the season. Āsana practice varies depending on the time of practice
(day or evening), your level of experience, strength and flexibility.

These classes are designed to establish a foundation for your yoga practice. This practice of āsanas (postures) includes standing, seated and preparation for back-bends and shoulder-stand. These classes offer an emphasis on alignment and breath awareness.

Suitable for all students.

Price: $150, Series of 10 classes
Schedule: Monday to Friday at 6:00 am, 12 Noon, Tuesdays at 6:00 pm (Kneaded Touch Clinic Barrhaven), Wednesdays at 6:00 pm
or available upon request.
For Availability email us at:

Hatha Yoga Beyond the basics Level II

These classes are intended for individuals who have basic knowledge of āsanas. Also, this is a great class for those who want to establish a yoga practice to complement their wellness/fitness routine.

Expect to get deeper into standing postures and evolve to a more dynamic practice of balance poses and introduction to inversions, back-bending, forward bending and twisting.

Includes (1) one-on- one on Saturday mornings for home practice.

Price: $150, Series of 10 classes
Schedule: Monday to Friday at 6:00 am, 12 Noon, Wednesdays at 8:00 pm, Thursdays at 6:30 pm
or available upon request.
For Availability email us at:


Women’s Practices

Women’s practices is a Yoga class designed for women. Yoga offers valuable elements for all the stages of the women’s life from menarche to menopause.

Asana practice (Yoga) is easily adaptable to your level of experience, your stage in life and how you are feeling in a giving day.

These classes provide you with very important information for you and the women in your life (mom, sisters and/or daughters).

Price: $100, Series of 4 classes
Schedule: Specialty Class
For Availability email us at:

Restorative Yoga

These classes are taught in private low-ratio groups or one-on-one basis depending on the availability and the student’s ailments and/or personal goals.

These classes are designed for individuals with low back discomfort, sciatica, PMS, stress, herniated disk.

These classes are not intended to replace other very important therapeutic disciples but complement them.

Price: $252, Series of 10 classes
$154, Series of 6 classes
$28 – 1 Hour Class
$35 – 1.5 Hour Class
For Availability email us at:

Postnatal Yoga c- section/hip alignment

Postnatal classes are designed for moms from about four to six weeks postpartum and up until about six months. Get ready to strengthen your body and interact with your baby. Learn and practice baby yoga , gentle and fun movements that will support the healthy physical, social and emotional development of your baby. Based on ELECT for Early Childhood development.

This āsana practice supports you on your way back to your old or better you. During the classes, we use props that will allow to explore your strength and flexibility with an strong emphasis on alignment, core stability and pelvic floor.

After the class, you will have the energy and vitality needed to keep up with your role as a mother. Please bring extra receiving blankets


Price: $150, Series of 10 classes/or contact for a different # of classes.
Schedule: Thursdays at 1:00 pm and /or available upon request
For Availability email us at:

Prenatal Yoga /align and restore

This āsana practice is safe for all stages of pregnancy including the stage of preparation for conceiving. These routines address the needs of a changing body with strong emphasis on alignment, pranayama (breathing techniques) and asanas appropriate to support  and/or alleviate discomforts due to pregnancy, and techniques/asanas that would be very useful during the time of delivery.

Improving and/or maintaining a healthy posture will allow you to breathe easily and keep up with your daily activities.

Expect the use of yoga accessories, ropes, straps. A therapeutic approach !!


Price: $150, Series of 10 classes and /or contact for # classes depending on due date.
Schedule: Mondays at 6:30 pm and/or Tuesdays at 7:00 pm (Kneaded Touch Clinic Barrhaven) /Wednesdays 7:00 pm and/or available upon request
For Availability email us at:

Mom and daughter/son Yoga

These are designed for you and your daughter or son! Even Though, these classes are age-appropriate for your kids, you won’t feel left out!! During these classes expect to practice āsanas together as a team, learning the principles of yoga, its benefits, Sanskrit terminology and meaning in a fun and interactive way.

Age range (4 to 6 yrs)/(7 to 10 Yrs)/and older

Price: $180, Series of 10 classes or contact for other options.
Schedule: Mondays at 5:30 pm  or  available upon request
For Availability email us at:

Kids Yoga (4 to 6 yrs, 7 to 10 and pre-teens)

These are age-appropriate āsana practices teach in a supportive and creative way. For younger students, yoga is explored in an interactive and fun way . For older kids and teens, āsana practices emphasize movement, traditional poses and lots of creativity. Offered throughout the school year.

Price: $120, Series of 10 classes or contact for other options.
Schedule: Thursdays at 5:45 pm or available upon request
For Availability email us at:

Yoga & Ayurveda

These Yoga Classes are designed for those interested in the Ancient practice of Ayurveda. Expect to understand what Ayurveda is all about, discover your own Ayurvedic constitution, and comprehend how Ayurveda allows you to explore Yoga in a way that you have never experience it before.

Price: $100, Series of 4 classes
For Availability email us at:

One-on-One and/or Osteopathic Wellness

These classes are designed to help improve or maintain a healthy life style. Expect a practice that allows you to explore your outer and inner strength and flexibility. Ideal for individuals who need a gentle approach to āsanas or are ready to dig into a deeper level of practice.

Osteopathy offers very effective techniques (direct/indirect) to allow your body restore from a variety of ailments . Ailments such us lower back pain, frozen shoulders, trigger points, tension migraines, tendinitis, TMJ.

Techniques include: cranial, visceral manipulation, MET, joint manipulation.

Price: $40 – 1 Hour Class
For Availability email us at:


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