Most of you have been DE cluttering your home, basement, and closets by giving away clothes that your kids have outgrown, toys, books, stuff, stuff and more stuff!! One of the best ideas ever for me, was to join the Buy nothing Facebook Groups. Don’t you think so? Most of us are members of these groups now!!
I love these groups. Photo, share and get it ready for porch pick up. Amazing!!
Don’t you feel that De cluttering is like a never ending process? I certainly do!!
I just try not to get overwhelmed but I can’t ignore the fact that, there are things that we do not reuse or recycle. Every Monday morning, “Garbage day” I feel so bad when I quickly go through the recycling bins and I noticed that certain packaging is not accepted by the city recycling program…AWWW I just had it !! I do not want to have to deal with all these plastic bags and wraps from when I buy groceries. You know, especially since I saw those videos of Oceans of plastic…So sad.
What to do? I use reusable bags every time I go to the store. If I only remember to put them in the car!! Right? That is not enough, still lots of plastic stuff. Then, I started reusing the plastic bags for the vegetables and fruits; you know those thin ones that don’t last long. Not enough! Well, what to do then? Ok, No way around it. I have to go hard core and get reusable bags for the fruits and vegetables. This is more like it…I noticed less plastic bags and waste. Good for you Claudia, I said it to myself ….much better!!
Wait, but I still had to buy grains, cereals and much more. All of these products are packaged in plastic or glass containers. What a waste, they are only being used once. So then, I decided to buy only products contained in glass and once the container was empty, I saved it, cleaned it and storage it. Believe me, it is still an on going process of debating with myself, if I should get that product or not…you probably think I am crazy !
What now? I saw the ad for the nugrocery store on welling ton Street in Ottawa. They are not using any packaging. Great!! I can do that, if I reuse my containers at bulk barn store with their http://www.bulkbarn.ca/en/Reusable-…. At least, these stores are everywhere. Now, I had to work up the courage to carry all these containers, and ask the sales associate at Bulk Barn to weight them down before buying the groceries. I did it!
You know, it is not that bad, it has become a habit. I do not produce as much plastic waste, I buy what I really need and, even though the containers are a bit heavy, I feel so much lighter!!
Love to hear your comments and stories on our journey to almost Zero Waste!