These arepas are made out of white corn.

I am a strong believer that we are what we eat. Eating the food of our ancestors, connect us with who we are built of. Smells, tastes, and preparations techniques bring us closer to them.

These arepas have been eaten from generations in my family. These arepas are coming from the Coffee-growing area of the Colombian Andes mountains. These are not tacos, tortillas or pupusas. Those delicious flatbreads come from other communities in South America and have other ways of preparation and are made out of different kinds of corn. Even in Colombia, depending on the region, the arepas taste and are prepared differently.

Every time I prepare them, I try to follow the instructions as I remember from childhood. Grandma used to get up early in the morning and grind the corn before breakfast time.

They are gluten-free and delicious!

What we need

White corn


Soak the corn overnight. Next morning boil water on a big pan. Once it boils, pour the corn and let it simmer until the corn is medium soft and the water is absorbed by the corn.

If you want to know where to get the corn, comment and I will send you the information.

Grinding machine

This is a plastic grinding machine.

Grind the corn with patience.

Make small balls with the dough and then flatten it to form the arepas.

This is a more traditional grinding machine. At least this is the one my grandmothers had in their kitchens.

On a flat pan let them cook about 5 to 10 minutes on each side.

Once ready, you can fill them with your favorite food. Ex. vegetarian or animal cheese, avocado, eggs. The limit is your imagination. It is also traditionally eaten along with other foods like soups or beans.

Enjoy them!