Before writing the reason why I decided to study Manual Osteopathy, I would like to explain where the term Osteopathy comes from. The word Osteopathy comes from two Greek words Osteo which means ” bone” and “pathy”means responding to. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still is the Founder of Osteopathy.

It is then, a hands-on therapy, which encompasses manual techniques to align the spine, muscles, and ligaments. When these areas are gently aligned, using direct or indirect techniques or both, this manipulation has a effect on not only the function of vital organs such as; the liver but also, on the body systems at large like the digestive , nervous, lymphatic,endocrine,and circulatory system among others.

Now, an easy way to understand how Manual Osteopathy works is with and example. How about the Kidneys !!

Let’s start with the physical location of the right kidney, it’s lower area is two fingers away from the belly button towards the right hand side of your body’s midline. The top area of the right kidney is 10 cm from that point closer to the mid body line (in diagonal). This area is at the level of the lumbar vertebrates 1 to 3 which is where the psoas muscle connects with the lumbar spine,then it crosses the hip bone and attaches to the femur. Now when stretching and strengthening the psoas muscle, because of its connection with the kidneys due to its location, we are able indirectly manipulate the right kidney, in this case. Isn’t this great !!

During this manipulation, the patient is asked to rest on their back,the therapist assists the patient to bend the knees and lift feet from the table, at the same time the therapist places their fingertips of their left hand on the right kidney to safely manipulate it.

I find it fascinating that we are able to find the paths to our inner body using hands-on/ manual osteopathy techniques. When I researched the principles of manual osteopathy, I immediately wanted to be part of it to deeply comprehend and compare the vocabulary used in Yoga and the one used in osteopathy. The deeper I get into the Yoga and manual osteopathy studies, the more similarities I find between both approaches to  holistic health and wellness.

I invite you to find your local Manual osteopath and book an appointment today !!

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