Who doesn’t like the smell of coffee in the morning !! I love the aroma, especially of a smooth Colombian Coffee. However, if you are finding that coffee doesn’t agree with your digestive system anymore, or you want to cut down on your daily caffeine intake.

Barley Coffee is the perfect drink for you!

Barley drinks are less acidic, contain antioxidants and help you maintain a healthy gut. What can be better than that? Also, if you want to increase the amount of your daily liquid intake, just give it a try !!

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Here is my easy, super fast recipe.

1. Place the barley grains in a cooking sheet.
2. Toast the grains for about 12 to 18 minutes (If you enjoy a stronger taste, roast for a longer time)
3. Grind them with a coffee grinder.
4. Steep using a french press or your regular coffee maker*.
5. Enjoy !!!
Give it try and if you like it, I’d Love to hear from you !

* The amount of water per / amount of grains depends on how strong you like your drinks!!
Important Note: Barley is NOT gluten Free drink.