Have you ever noticed that your body responds differently every time you practice an asana?        Let me be more explicit. One day you are able to be in Vrksasana (tree pose) for a few seconds or even a minute and in another day, you are unable to even stand on one foot?  or maybe some days you are very capable of thinking clearly and some other days you are forgetful?  These changes are examples of something getting out balance in your body & mind.

According to Ayurveda, a thing that goes out-of-balance is called dosa. There are three main dosas or bio-elements:  Vata, pitta and kapha, which are responsible to maintain the body homeostasis, constantly change with day or night and mainly with food.  Ayurveda provides us with the principles to determine which one of the dosas is more predominant in your constitution and which ones are fluctuating in each given moment.

Vata consists of the elements air and ether. It relates to the principle of motion/movement. When vata is balanced, the movement in the body are graceful and controlled. When this dosa is out –of-balance, the movement becomes erratic, excessive or blocked.

Pitta is condensed from the elements fire and water. It is the principle of transformation of energy and governs heat and metabolism in the body. When pitta is  balanced, transformation processes are  sharp. When out-of-balance, transformation processes, such as , digestive system, get irritated or not working properly.

Kapha consists of the elements water and earth. It is the principle of stabilizing energy; it is in charge of the growth in the body and mind. This dosa oversees the structure, stability, lubrication, and fluid balance in our system. When kapha is balanced, clarity and stability are manifested in our actions. When kapha is out-of -balance, instability strikes.

In my next post, we will explore in more detail, how these dosas or bio-elements manifest in our body and mind.  See you in class!