Does your neck feel tight? or Have you noticed roundness in your upper back and shoulders?

It is probably as a result of a “Forward head Posture”. This is a condition developed over time, due to sitting for long periods at the office/home/car. This imbalance can also emerge, as a consequence of certain habits at the gym, or while running or practicing other sports. That’s why technique is very valuable in these cases.

 What does that mean?

It means that for every inch that the head is deviated from its normal position, an additional 10 pounds of weight is felt on the cervical spine. Holding this position for long periods of time, compromises the integrity of your neck, causing pain and degeneration of the spine.

What is happening?

The SCM (sternocleidomastoid muscles), which are muscles located at the front of your neck get tight and pull the head forward. In classes or during treatments I refer to this area as the collarbones and pectoral muscles. Overtime, these tight muscles compromise the positioning of the chest, neck  and shoulders. The upper back becomes hunched, neck deviates forward, shoulders become rounded causing pain, weakness, jaw dysfunctions, and even  headaches.

What’s the good news?

Well, I am big on empowering students/patients to decide which path of wellness they want to pursue. Some decide to start with an integral hands-on osteopathy treatment, which entails, a direct work on the bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, connective tissue to bring long-lasting results, followed by home yoga /stretches.  Others decide to work with one-on-one or group yoga/exercises/stretches to align the ligaments, muscles and bones.

I suggest to start with osteopathy to relieve pain, increase mobility and then maintain it with home practices and an effective -break plan just for you!

What is the best pose/exercise to counteract the forward head syndrome?

A sequence of poses will relieve chronic pain, increase flexibility and  realign the cervical spine. However, if I have to pick one asana (pose) to help with this condition, it would be Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. Click here to learn how to set up for this pose.

I will be more than happy to treat your forward head condition with manual osteopathy techniques or yoga therapeutics or a combination of both.

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