Almond milk is a delicious drink filled with nutrients and one of the best alternatives to cow’s milk.  I use it as a base for my smoothies, or for  baking and cooking recipes.

When it comes to recipes like this one, I measure my ingredients intuitively. It means that I allow my taste buds to guide the ratio or water vs almonds. If I want to achieve a rich flavour and a thick texture, the ratio of almonds should be higher than the water. On the contrary,  If  I desire a lighter taste the ratio of almonds vs water should be lower. 

Just let you taste buds lead you into preparing your delicious drink.

What you need

Delicious raw almonds




5 Easy steps

1. Soak the almonds overnight

2.Rinse and peel

3.Blend with the water

4. Strain the pulp

5. Serve and enjoy it