I like variety when it comes to snacks, specially, having kids who get easily tired from the same food. And also, these little grains help you build and maintain a healthy gut.
Here is one of my family’s favorite.

Kefir- For a healthy gut!



Kitchen tools needed:

  • Wooden spoon or clean hands
  • Plastic strainer
  • Glass Jar
  • Cheese cloth
  • One teaspoon of Kefir Grains*
  • One Cup of cow, goat or (coconut )** milk.


  1. Warm up the milk.
  2. Pour the grains.
  3. Cover with a Cheese cloth. Use a elastic to keep it in place.
  4. Wait 24 Hrs.
  5. Strain the grains.

Enjoy it with fresh fruit or use in your favorite recipes, instead of milk. Delicious!!

Note: if you want to give it a try and happen to live in Kanata, I have some little grains for you!!! Please send an email
*They are not actual grains. They are Little cells that are home to the bacteria that ferments the milk.
**The grains get weaker with this milk. To refresh, make two batches with cow milk and then come back to use this milk.