Kombucha is a delicious fermented fuzzy drink.  According to research Kombucha aids with digestion, has vitamin B, and probiotics for your gut health. 

I was taught to prepare this drink with chrysanthemum tea, which is full of health benefits such as calming your nerves, boosting the immune system and lowering inflammation among others. I also use apple juice or pinneaple juice as base.  

what you need

Kombucha scoby


Organic sugar


Kombucha vessel

You can also use any kind of glass or ceramic container. Keep it in a dark place to favor fermentation.

Kombucha bottles

These bottles are designed for fermentation. If you don’t have them, use any kind of glass dark color bottles.

I used to save the olive oil bottles, they work just fine. Make sure the bottles are very clean.


Steep your favorite tea, in this case, I use chrysanthemum tea but the limit is your imagination. Any kind of tea would do.

Let it cool down to room temperature and add the sugar. Sugar is needed for the scooby to ferment the drink and release the gas that makes this drink fizzy and delicious.

Don’t be shy with the sugar, make it sugary to taste!

Pour the tea into the vessel together with the SCOBY ..now….wait, wait and wait a few days. To know if my kombucha drink is ready, I taste it! If I like the taste, I stop the fermentation process by bottling the liquid.

Note: If you want to give a fruity taste to your kombucha just add some diced fresh fruits. Keep the bottles for a day or two over the counter and then to stop the process of fermentation place the bottles inside the fridge for you to enjoy anytime you desire!