Ayurveda offers valuable elements for all aspects of your life. It is an intuitive system based on self-knowledge with the purpose of empowering the practitioner to take reins of his own health in an integral way.

Get to Know the Ayurvedic Principles for a more balanced life.

Yoga for your Ayurvedic Constitution

Practice yoga according to Ayurvedic principles

Know your Ayurvedic constitution and learn the basic principles that will allow you to customize your own Yoga practice day by day. Ayurveda offers this tool to bring more awareness to your practice allowing you to feel more balanced and less stressed. During these four classes of  90-minute classes each, you’ll get the information you need to start your practice at home and get the most out of it.

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Conscious Nutrition

Know your constitution for a healthier you

Knowing your Ayurveda constitution can give you a different view of how to manage your body weight and keep it healthy. In these four 90-minute classes you will each know your constitution and how to balance the energy you receive and the energy you burn to achieve a balance point where you feel at ease with yourself.

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The wisdom of life

Ayurveda, is the ancient science of health. The name Ayurveda is derived from the combination of the old Indian Sanskrit words Ayus (life) and Veda (wisdom). It is a holistic health system which treats the body, mind and soul as a unity.

It provides the tools needed to achieve homeostasis /balance at all levels.

Ayurveda’s intention is to be a complement to other health therapies. Ayurveda is mostly based on prevention of future diseases or disorders and offers a natural path towards health and mindful lifestyle.

Ancient Knowledge

“Your nutrition must be your medicine.” This quote, from Hippocrates, supports the importance of healthy routines. Self-knowledge and observation are some of the tools that mindful nutrition offers. Food constantly nourishes each layer of our being and the more aware we are that foods nourish us, the more we will understand how they affect us for better or for worse.

Understanding self-empowerment as a fundamental protocol for a healthier and more mindful life will enrich and support you on your path to a healthier and stronger life.