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According to one of the most respected Yoga experts Georg Feuerstein, “Yoga therapy is of modern coinage and represents the first effort to integrate traditional yogic concepts and techniques with Western medical and psychological knowledge.
In plain English to me, Yoga Therapy is a replacement therapy, which means, replacing old habits with better ones. So then, Yoga encompasses not only the practices of the asanas on the mat but also how we live and relate to others and to the environment when we are off the mat. This allows us to live a more meaningful and healthier life. Does it make sense to you?
On the mat, as you heard me say in class, “with this asana, we are undoing what you are doing throughout the day” I am incorporating more and more these therapeutic Yoga Techniques by fitting the asanas to your body type not your body type to the asanas. Probably, you will remember the time you came to class with a headache and it was gone after class or you came with a terrible PMS and the discomfort got reduced during or after the practice. Do you relate to that?
I am convinced that Yoga brings a great benefit to us, regular folks looking to heal headaches, back pain, shoulders pain and much more. Yoga Therapy works together with other therapies and definitely, after the acute stage is over.
In cases of Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, cancer, and even difficult psychological diagnoses, Yoga won’t cure them but it will augment the efficacy of the clinical treatment by helping you reduce the suffering using breath-based techniques tailored to your own physical and emotional needs.
Y’all know how passionate I am about Yoga. How about you? What has been your experience during my classes?