Since my friend Yaz gave me some teaspoons of water kefir, I have been experimenting with “the water kefir grains”. I find that fermented foods are easy to prepare and the kids love them!

What is water kefir grains?

The grains are made of bacteria and yeast living a symbiotic relationship. They are not grains like barley or wheat. They have no gluten and no dairy products content!

What are the benefits of water kefir grains?

Water kefir grains are a probiotic that improves intestinal flora and helps to strengthen the immune system. It has antibiotic properties, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. Additionally, with them you can prepare delicious carbonated drinks, which can be a healthy alternative to commercial drinks.

How can I cultivate the water kefir grains?

Mix two or three tablespoons of hydrated kefir grains, add on 250ml of water and 50 grams of organic sugar. Let it rest for about 24 hours, making sure that you change the water every 24 to 48 hours during the summer and every two or three days during winter to stimulate the growth of healthy grains, thus the grains feed on sugar and multiply. Some people use molasses and claim that the grains grow faster. I have never used molasses, only sugar and it has worked fine for me.

Here a simple recipe prepared with water kefir grains:

1L of water
150g kefir nodules
30 grams of sugar
20 grams of raisins

5 simple steps

Inside a glass vessel mix the sugar and raisins (optional) and water and mix we.
Add on the kefir grains.
Close the jar and let it rest for 24 hours
Strain the grains.
Reuse the grains for more water kefir..

Play around with flavors add on fruits like apple or pear ! Enjoy it!


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