My intention with My Yoga At Home’s classes has always been to facilitate a safe and personalized environment to learn Yoga.

I have been taught by my teachers that I should attend class with my teacher to learn techniques, awareness, philosophy and that my practice (my Sadhana) starts when I unroll my yoga mat at home.

My first home practices

My experience with establishing my home practice started when I attended training with my teacher far away from home.

Then, I came back home to my family, my kids and my job, which made it harder for me to apply what I was learning.

Facing my daily life, made me be more creative and then, I decided to practice bits and pieces throughout the day.

Practicing surrounded with my own kids and the lovely tiny gurus, I had with me from the daycare. All my days, when by with songs, games, and stretches to do with these beautiful souls at home.

Sadhana off the mat

 I even started implementing Ayurveda practices in our home kitchen, chanting along with the kids while I was cooking with them or for them.

I can say that my yoga practice started out off the mat and then it evolved into on the mat sadhana. Then, step by step and dedication and patience, I found the time and space to practice the teachings. 

It was not easy, at that time my kids were much younger, and I ran a home daycare with all my heart. I learned my most important lessons of patience, how to think outside the box and have fun with having kids around me.

Practicing with my family, friends, and neighbors

Once my younger child was school age, I decided to open up my space for practice to friends, then neighbors and then community willing to learn Yoga. 

Since then, it has been an adventure, a growing experience of inner exploration and adaptation.

Online Yoga classes just for you!

Nowadays, classes are taught online infused with the original intention of offering a safe and personalized environment for all of us to grow and expand our knowledge and consciousness together.  

See you in our personalized, interactive online yoga classes just for you.

Thank you for your support!