When I started classes for children. I thought it was me who was teaching the children about movement, balance, energy, emotions and much more. How innocent of me to think that way. My experience has been so much more rewarding than I ever thought it would be.

I realized that I am not imparting my knowledge to them; rather, we are exchanging our perception and understanding of the world around us on a much deeper level. I am a facilitator who offers a particular topic and children develop it slowly through their interactions, words, expressions, emotions and feelings.

Our time together seems to fly rather quickly!! We all participate in a relaxed way, offering our own inner wisdom to the subject.
I learned to be less concerned with teaching something, to be more open, to step back, and to listen to their contributions without expectations or judgment.
Is it easy ? No way!

I am aware that I am much older than them and I have a structure engraved on me of how the situations around me should be and develop in order for them to “work”.

Is that the way to go?

The answer to this question lies in observing what is happening around the world right now. It makes me wonder if our structures are really working or need an adjustment!

Thanks to the little gurus for their wisdom. We just need to listen!

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