The Studio and Guidelines.

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My Yoga At Home / The Studio and Guidelines

My Yoga At Home is a private studio, where you will be comfortable to explore your inner strength without any judgments

I believe that in order to reap the benefits or a wholesome yoga routine, Yoga should be practiced at a place that feels more like home

What to bring to the class

  • Wear comfortable pants and shirt ( not to loose)
  • Try not to eat at least 2 hrs before the class
  • Yoga mat and accessories are provided
  • Get to the class five minutes before the class starts

During the class

  • Relax your face, neck, shoulders and also your mind. Focus on the posture you are in and        how you feel it
  • Always breathe through your nose naturally
  • Practice yoga for the joy of self-discovery no for competition
  • To end the pose, reverse your actions from the way you went in and be mindful of your     movements
  • Don’t forget that we are an scent-free environment!!

End of the class

  • Please place props back in the storage area
  • Home practice

    My Yoga At Home Classes empower students to experience Yoga. However, their personal practice starts at home

    Here some tips of how to create space in your life and in your home for daily practice

  • Start and/or end the day with asana practice
  • Choose a home space specifically for Yoga. Keep it clean, and decluttered
  • Take mental note during class regarding alignment, accessories you used, benefits
  • Visit the student portal for your daily practice
  • Accessories you need for your personal practice can be purchased at the studio
  • All our classes are preregistered. If you are not able to attend to your class or class(es) due to a medical or family emergency. I offer the  possibility of making up the class  before the end of the session. Please note that, it is not always possible to do so, but I do my best to accommodate.  Thank you

    We always enjoy a cup of tea after class!

    Enjoyed for centuries as a healthy drink, tea also has merits as a postyoga refreshment with the ability to foster community and dialogue among students—while soothing the senses.

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