Yoga for your Dosa~ Pitta

Remember the qualities(gunas) of a Pitta are mainly oily, hot skin, sharp speech and go- getters. When Pitta is balanced, they are smart, organized and clear-minded. On the contrary, when pitta is imbalanced, a pitta person can be judgmental, workaholic and highly explosive!! Watch out!

If you are a Pitta constitution, you  will definitely benefit from a restorative, calm and relaxed sadhana (practice). After a balanced practice just for you, you should feel relaxed, calmed and collected. Understanding, your competitive nature and backing up of that tendency during your Yoga practice will allow you to be more patient with yourself and others.

Pittas’ body temperature is usually high and their tendency is towards excess heat, avoid practicing under an extreme sun or in a heated room.  Favor cooling, relaxing and calming asanas (poses).  Reduce the amount of time you spend practicing solar asanas such as, Sirsasana.  Practice during the cooler times of the day ( dawn or dusk).

As I have mentioned in classes, pittas should favor supported back bending and standing hip openers.  Next week, Let’s cool down with some Visranta Karaka Asanas for calmness and stability.

See you in class,